Exhibition Policy and information


The Art Vault is located on Deakin Avenue, the main thoroughfare through the city of Mildura, and in the same block as the Grand Hotel and the city’s main restaurant district. The Art Vault borders on the city’s central shopping precinct and is one block from the Murray River.


The Art Vault has three gallery spaces of which two are available for hire. There is a large main gallery and a smaller more intimate gallery which are available for hire by individuals or groups. The third gallery is a stock gallery of works which have either been left on consignment by artists or belong to The Art Vault. All galleries have a quality, flexible art illumination system as well as a professional hanging system. There are some floor electrical and digital systems for 3D computerised installations. Both galleries for hire have polished timber floors and are environmentally controlled.

Length of exhibitions 

The usual length of time for an exhibition is four weeks. Exhibitions are set up on a Tuesday when the gallery is closed. Openings are held on the following Wednesday evening between 6 and 7pm. Exhibitions are usually dismantled on a Monday at 2pm when the gallery closes.

Who can exhibit?

As this is a commercial gallery, all work which is exhibited must be saleable. We do not have the luxury of exhibiting non saleable installations and ephemeral work. The Art Vault encourages exhibitions of high quality original work by beginning, emerging and established artists. Works in a variety of mediums are welcome including painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, sculpture and mixed media.

Selection of work 

Work is chosen primarily on the quality of the work (technical skill), concepts expressed and the saleability of the work.

Cost of exhibiting

Main gallery space: $1240 for a 4 week exhibition
Small gallery space: $620 for a 4 week exhibition
Front window area: $420 for a 4 week exhibition 

Plan of main and small gallery

Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Artist’s responsibilities

The artist is responsible for:

  • Payment of 25% of the cost of the exhibition within a month of acceptance and confirmation by the gallery, with the balance due the week of the exhibition. Note the deposit is non refundable.
  • Arranging an opening speaker for their exhibition.
  • Providing a completed artists information sheet once the exhibition has been confirmed.
  • Providing labelled, high resolution jpegs of all artwork in the exhibition for publicity and administration purposes.
  • Providing an artist’s statement three months prior to an exhibition for publicity purposes.
  • Providing a current curriculum vitae to the gallery month prior to the exhibition.
  • Provide a list of all work in the exhibition which includes title, year, medium, size and either the selling price or artist’s asking price (please specify which).
  • The professional presentation of artwork ready for hanging eg if on paper with tabs attached or with D rings if framed.
  • Arranging the payment and transit of the artwork both to and from the gallery
  • The insurance of the artwork while in transit.
  • Any specific instructions for the curation of the exhibition.
  • Payment for any damage caused to the gallery walls if the hanging system provided by the gallery is not used.
  • The cost of the installation of any supporting computer hardware, audio visual equipment, props etc
  • Leaving the gallery in a clean and tidy condition at the end of their exhibition
  • Paying a commission on all sold work to The Art Vault of one third the selling price after GST has been deducted. (This is 1/11 of selling price for GST registered artists and 1/33 for non registered GST artists). 

The Art Vault’s responsibilities 

The Art Vault will provide:

  • A gallery which is staffed during normal open hours
  • The staffing and service of guests during an opening
  • Staff to take sales and to arrange the packaging and sending of all sold work
  • RCTI’s to all artists on the sale of their artwork
  • Payment on all sales within a month of all completed payments by clients on artwork
  • Music and a microphone during exhibition openings
  • Basic nibbles, beer and wine during an opening
  • Assistance for the artist in the curation and hanging of an exhibition
  • The numbering of artworks and a sheet available for clients which includes the title, medium, size and cost of each artwork
  • A gallery which is lit with gallery standard lighting
  • A gallery which is climate controlled
  • A gallery hanging system from rails using D rings
  • Plinths for the display of three dimensional artworks
  • The design, printing and distribution of invitations through both electronic media and hard copy
  • The promotion of exhibitions in art journals, on the website and Facebook
  • A client email list for exhibitors. Artists are invited to provide an additional list of their own to be added to The Art Vault’s list.
  • Administrative expenses such as electricity, security, phones, printing etc
  • The insurance of all artwork on the premises